Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spiritually Dead Churches ,Last Days

As I listen more and more to streaming live church services..carries me back to when I was a child.The Worship was Great and on Fire for God,how the Holy Spirit moved ,and just flowed .How the Pastor was so onfire for God in His preaching....he/she never feared hurting anybody's feelings....the church was always shouting amens and halleluyahs..altar calls were awesome,many always went forward to openly & unashamedly Receive Christ as Lord,professing Him aloud with their mouths..Awesome!!

........ I see where the Spirit is flowing in these streaming live churches..makes me feel spiritually sick,looking at how all the churches that I know of today...have no Holy Spirit at all. If they do,they stop the flow of the spirit so they can get the service over with to get their seat at their favorite restaurant.

.......What I have noticed in the churches today,the Worship leader wants to be in control,his/her way or not at all...(ahhhhh yes,this is a Jezebel Spirit controling and they do not want to be interupted.... they continue to play music (they think softly) while a prophetic Word is being spoken,so you cannot hear the Word spoken because of music..and I am sorry everybody,...this is disrespect for God Himself,imagine shutting up Holy Spirit.
*****(Holy Spirit moves during Worship,You do not ever tell Holy Spirit not to Speak,or later after entertainment(Jezebel Spirit)Beware everyone.....Holy Spirit moves and in huge bunches they run forward in worship of His Holy Presence...oh BUT wait a minute...the pastor has to speak everybody can get out by Noon.Ya,Everyone please be seated or they just start preaching lol.......I am like welll I never ...and God have mercy on them

....I am sure God has written Ichabod over many churches today...Holy Spirit has left,Beware
.......I am sure many many just go to church today just for the act of going or as a duty...Certainly no fire is in the churches anymore.......and they cry out..we want Revival....Well Duuuuuuuuh allow Holy Spirit to have His Way in your services

.......Many would learn from watching World Revival Church meetings and other highly anointed men & women of God On TV!! to let the Spirit flow and no matter if it takes all day long or night...who cares? If you really want God,time will have no bearing whatsoever

****I see streaming Services are filled w.Holy Spirit****

.........Now I see why God is doing a new Thing,and I am sure this is it...via the internet....souls are hungry for God and the truth of the Word of God (This is the great falling away from the truth of the Word of God,("Apostasy")These churches praise & worship almighty God and allow His Spirit to flow freely..healings take place and many souls are born again

.......who wants to go to a spiritually Dead Church? Where they follow; strictly follow a bulletin? Every part of that service is taking care of business.
... yes,you must perform ("on stage") and let your audience watch and applaude you.(Wrong attitude) not a God attitude.

....Rather then WORSHIP GOD with the entire Body of Christ ,as you lead the worship ("on the platform")and(Do not call it a stage..if you refer to the platform as a stage,we know where your heart is!!!You are performing. it is not about you worship is about Holy God.........Songs and music so loud and fast you can't hear yourself singing,that is if you can even sing the song.....let alone hearing God talk to you in your spirit

.....Everybody...Body of Christ... This is Not Worship of Holy and Mighty & Just God. People do not want to come to your church because of all the wonder wait a this a night club? Entertainment? ummm where is God? please your own self and your own clicque,not Father God

.............You want revival,you want souls set free,healed? Slow down and Honor
God ,forget is ALL about Holy ,Mighty ,Just & Righteous God .

....we want Father God,to be filled with His Spirit , to get the baptism of the Holy Spirit.YES speaking in tongues with interpretation,we want to hear the Prophets speak,we do not want your entertainment and Business gatherings that you call Church.
.....Wake up you apostates before it is too late for you.....there are billions of souls waiting ,hungering for God and His Word and to be born again in Christ Jesus....that's is Not About Your worship leading which is to say (entertainment)Worship is to be soft and pleasing to almighty God...........above all else ;allow God to have His Way....Not you.

.......YOU will see many souls come to find out what you have ("that they want") Glorified Salvation in Christ as Lord ,Thus an indwelling of Holy Spirit,the baptism of Holy Spirit with Fire,feeling God's Holy Spirit moving with fire. NOT YOU...wake up dead churches...remembering always.It Is All About God...they want to know God Thru Christ and a Mighty move of His Spirit

.....I Have been to too many a prophet(ess) of the Most High God....NO Place is God in any of the services...I always felt entertained and that I was sitting in some sort of a short course in a class room...what a crying shame.....and these are the last days we are living in...Wake up,Rise up Church.

*******BTW This is an exhortation directly from the Lord..posted publically in this Blog for any and all churches who make it about entertainment self achievment,gratification of self,and nowhere is the Presence of His Holiness.
*******Lift up Holy God always and His Holy Scriptures.Do not do away with the Old test.which is our teachings about Our Mighty God,and the foreshadow of the New Test.Without God's do away with Father God...for this God is angered and this is a big part of His wrath & Judgment that you see already today...and the cause of lawlessnes,wicked lacivious Jesus didn't repeat what was already said in the Old test.Thus homosexuals think they were born that way.(example)Beware.
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